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Sun 24th March 2019 - League
Brewood Juniors 6 V 0 Lions
Pitch : willenhall Academy Pitch 3
Match Report

Whilst it was ultimately another disappointing result, going down 6-0 to league leaders Brewood, the performance, particularly the first half, was much improved.

The boys started well, showing the commitment and determination (and no little skill) that Suk and I had asked for before the game. Although we went in 1-0 down, we had our share of the chances and, with a little more luck/belief, could have gone in level.

The game effectively turned on what seemed to be a harshly awarded penalty. The boys body language changed and we were all but beaten then.

Daniel - nothing he could do with any of the goals. Some more safe handling and excellent kicking. Brave in diving at the feet of attackers on a couple of occasions

Paddy - a great first half, where no ball was given up. A couple of last ditch tackles save the day. A deserved MOTM

Jakey - we looked a little lost, in the second half, without him. A solid first half showing

Louis - some more great tackles and decent distribution

Will - another who had a really good first half. Broke up play and passed the ball well from his defensive Midfield slot

Luke - really lively in a good first half. Could have had a goal but for some good defending

Ethan - gave his all, but unlucky with one that went under his foot for their fourth goal. Covered a lot of ground

Noah - carrying a knock, he had a lively 5 minute cameo in the first half, but struggle in the second. Still got up the wing on a coil,e of decent attacks

Mak - some lovely passing/runs throughout and nearly set up a couple of goals. A really good performance

Harrison - see above. One turn and run in the first half was superb. Caused the Brewood defence problems

Jayan - a couple of half chances aside, it was a frustrating morning for our number 10. Involved in most of our good attacking moves in the first half

Philip - a good first half, where he got involved in some good moves forward. Tired in the second, against a really good Brewood winger

Aran - a really lively first half. Could have had his opening goal, but denied by the Keeper. Injured, so unable to play the second half

More of what we saw in the first half and no one will have any complaints. We just need to work on keeping it up for 60 minutes


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