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Sun 19th May 2019 - League
Wyrley Panthers 3 V 2 Lions
Pitch : Pitch 3 Kings Hill Park
Match Report

Whilst not quite the winning end to the season we had hoped for, it was a terrific game and one that, once again, the boys battled to the end. Ultimately, we went down, 3-2, to Wyrley Panthers, with our goals coming from Mak and, Birthday boy, Luke

Daniel - despite an error, that Dan was way too harsh on himself over, our Number One made several outstanding saves to keep us in the game - something his done for most of the season

Paddy - at his battling best. Stood up to the physical challenge at both right and left back.......whilst still finding time to test Dan in goal with some firmly hit back passes!

Louis - see above. On the end of some pushes in the first half, but ultimately won his battles at Centre Back and Right Back. A contender for MOTM

Jakey - arrived late, but soon into his stride. A typical no nonsense performance from Jakey

Philip - despite feeling a chill in the air that no one else did, by wearing gloves for the first half, Philip was solid at left back. Stood up really well, late in the second, when Wyrley threatened to take hold of the game

Ethan - I thought Ethan was outstanding today. Looked really lively going forward and stopped several attacks with some vital headed clearances

Will - like Ethan, he was superb, before illness forced him off. Really held our Midfield together

Aran - had a tough time at full back, but stuck to his task, before making his presence felt in Midfield

Max - his best game for the Lions. Did really well on the right and left of midfield and was involved in several of our attacks late on

Luke - captain for the day. Played Left Midfield to great effect. An absolutely dazzling run in the second half that had everything - pace, trickery and, of course, a goal. A deserved MOTM

Mak - a fantastic goal was nearly topped by a dazzling second half run, where he beat half the team........only to blaze it over! I can't be too critical, as Mak has been superb all season.

Jayan - a screamer of a free kick and a couple of first rate corners. Really came into things late on as we searched for an equaliser

To all the boys that played today, plus the injured Noah and Harrison - you've all been magnificent. To put it into perspective, the Walsall League is made up of 46 teams and The Lions have never been lower than 14th in the League ladder.

Whilst we'll go through this on the Awards afternoon, my personal thanks to Darren (and his assistants) who have stepped in to run the line. It's a pretty thankless task at times, but is really appreciated by Suk and I as it allows us to concentrate on the game/team.

Thanks also to Ethan's Grandad for being solely responsible for our second half of the season upturn in fortunes, by supplying half time Oranges

Finally, to all of the parents/grandparents/relatives who have supported the team, in variable weather conditions - a huge thanks. Without you providing the lifts and the support, none of this would be possible. I'm sure the boys than you daily!

Whilst I'm signing off on a fantastic 2018/19 season.......the 2019/20 season starts, with our first 11v11 Tournament, on 1st June! Until then.........enjoy your week off!!


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