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Sun 22nd September 2019 - Cup
APR 9 V 1 Lions
Pitch : Bellamy Lane, Wednesfield
Match Report

As I said, in my Group message, it’s rare that you can find many positives in a 9-1 defeat........


But, If we overlook the first half, when I thought the boys were feeling a bit sorry for themselves for being a man short and, being brutally honest, didn’t play like we know they can, there were plenty of positives in the second half!


A morning that started with me wondering how we’d cope with having 12 players available and no recognised keeper in that 12, soon became more alarming thoughts of “How do we play against the best team in the League, with 10 players and no keeper in that 10!”


Coming in at half time, 6-0 down, tired from chasing the game, I must admit that I had a moment of panic at the thoughts of exactly how many APR would end up scoring!


We told the boys that the score line wasn’t important and all that we wanted was maximum effort and pride restored. It’s all down to those 10 boys that they did both!


I don’t think I’ve cheered a goal louder as I did the one today. For around 20 glorious minutes, we held on to a deserved second half lead, playing some of that time with only 9 players (Noah off with sickness and a bad knee).


I’m not going to comment individually on every player, as they were all superb, but it would be wrong if I didn’t make special mention for Mak and Philip, our stand in keepers, who both did fantastically well, and finally, our MOTM, Ethan. It could have gone to any of them but, for relieving pressure on a weary defence, at the right time, it was a deserved award.


If we remember we’re in Division 2 of the Walsall League and have been for over a season, then the boys can only learn from what’s ahead of them in the coming weeks. If they show as much spirit as they did in the final 35 minutes today, then I’ve no doubt they’ll get the results they deserve!



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