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Team : Falcons 2012
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Archive Falcons 2012

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Archive Falcons 2012 Team Name : Archive Falcons 2012
Manager : Chris Hayward
Team Photo's : 14
Team News : 1

Manager and Coach: Chris Hayward
Assistant and Coach: Andy Carwardine 

Team Fixtures & Results
There are no scheduled matches
Thu 26th Apr 18:00 Falcons 2012 1 V 3 Lea Hall Shield Match Report
Sun 1st Apr 14:00 Lea Hall 2 V 3 Falcons 2012 Shield Match Report
Sun 25th Mar 14:00 Falcons 2012 9 V 3 Lichfield City Tigers Shield Match Report
Sun 18th Mar 14:00 Falcons 2012 2 V 3 FC Premier League Match Report
Sun 11th Mar 14:00 Four Oaks Hawks 2 V 0 Falcons 2012 League Match Report

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Team News
German Exchange BLOG

Day 1: We have left Sainsburys Mere Green, at 06.10 and expect to be at Dover for the 13.45 ferry, as we are at little early we are hoping to get the 12 noon, let's hope there's room. Soon after we left we found that the DVD player didn't work, so we arranged with Currys in Ashford to meet us with a cleaning kit, this failed to resolve the problem, so it was going to be a long journey without the use of the DVD's! We were able to get on an early boat, but not as early as we had hoped, it sailed at 13.15, arrived in Calais at 16.00 and set off on the long treck to Dusseldorf. Arrived at TUSA at 22.00, there was quite a welcoming party for us. The lads went off to their host families and the adults retired to the bar! Day 2: Up at 09.00 breakfast and off to the coach to give it a quick clean and see if we can fix the DVD player. The lads are meeting us at the gorund at 12.00 noon for a training session on the Astra turf, then we kick off at 14.00, first game against Tusa. First game of the tournament - lost 3-2, a good game, full match report on the results page. Evening was spent at the Dusseldorf Giants basketball against Berlin, all the lads had a great night, and it was a very tight game going one way then then other, Giants lost the game close to the end giving away silly points. Day 3: opening ceremony of the tournament today, we are looking forward to hearing the national anthem as our lads enter the stadium. A great ceremony, and truly a magnificent welcome, as the European teams made their entrance down the steps into the stadium. Falcons kicked off their first game in the rain, and it got heavier! full match result on the results page. After the first game of the day, we settled down looking forward to playing the next fixture, then we heard the news that Hilden weren't going to play, so we were given 3 points and a 2-0 win. So we played a friendly against Fortuna on the Astro turf, a chance to see the best team in the tournament, they played some great football and will no doubt win the trophy. Day 4: Final day of the tournament, two games to play, first up the French team, Paris, they look good in their warm up, but let's see how they play against us! We played two games, the French played some lovely football, and a lesson on how to stay focused throughout the whole game, our lads got really stuck in putting in some important tackles, but the oppossition was just too stong. Second game for the play off for 7th and 8th was an equally tough game, again Falcons played the hearts out. Trophy time, we get the 8th place, and yes we get another prize - Goal Keeper of the Tournament, well done Lee W. Day 5: Off to the Phantasialand today, the weather is fantastic, looks like we shall need the sun cream today. The lads all had a fantastic day, and we enjoyed the sunshine, by the end of the day they were all very very tired and an early was on the cards and rest in preparation to the day ahead - England v Germany. Day 6: We expect to see the lads arround 2pm at the club, then we shall start winding them up for the biggest game of their lives, Tusa v Four Oaks, we need to revenge the last minute goal last year that saw Tusa win the U13's trophy. It looks like being another warm and sunny day. It was a very hot day, blue sky nearly all day, while the lads were waiting for their game we kept them well watered and creamed up. The u13's kicked off first and went 2-0 up by half time, the second half kicked off and Tusa got 2 goals back, more pressure from Tusa and GOAL, then we saw some poor sporting behaviour from Four Oaks and a couple cards and a side line discussion between the both teams, the game got going again and the score stayed the same 3-2 to Tusa. The U14's game started well Ben kicked the game off, Falcons going close early on, pressure from Tusa and end to end football. Falcons held on for 15mins then Tusa scored the first goal, soon after another, half time 2-0. Second half and Falcons took some knocks, the heat and injuries seem to get to our boys and goals seem to be easy to score from Tusa, we got one back great goal from Matt B, the trophy is staying in Germany I'm afraid. Day 7: The lads are with the host families today, being shown round Dusseldorf for the day. A wet day, rain and cloud for most of the day, however the lads seem to have enjoyed some of the sights of this city, the best one for me was the trip up the TV tower. The evening was also spent with the host families. Day 8: The last day, we are going to the council house today, to see the Lord Mayor of Dusseldorf, then the lads will get some time to spend what money they have left in the shops, although having seen the price of a few things yesterday, they may as well save their money! We have been in touch with the Plough and Harrow, Slade Road, and they have said we can use their car park for the drop off on Saturday afternoon, thought that this would be good as parents could go in the pub while they wait. Day 9: We are back in England, coming out of Dover at 7.30, stopped at the services on the M25 at 9.00, left services at 9.45. ETA at the Plough and Harrow at ...

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